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LG LG Optimus Quest L46C Supreme Guardz Screen Protector


Supreme Guardz Premium Screen Protection: For LG LG Optimus Quest L46C Your device requires enhanced protection from the daily mishaps of everyday life, so why risk it to ordinary protectors? Supreme Guardz screen protectors offers the most reliable protection against ordinary and extreme uses. With its extremely clear, thin, and virtually indestructible material, nothing gets through the protection of Supreme Guardz. Plus, with our lifetime guarantee , if there is any damage to your protector, we'll replace it for free for the rest of your device's life! Designed to deliver the ultimate protection against the harshest conditions. Installation Instructions: 1. Clean the screen on your phone thoroughly. 2. Expose a half inch of the screen protector that is marked 1. Try not to touch the adhesive backing. 3. Since the screen is curved, we suggest that you start the installation of the screen protector on the middle of the screen, and slowly apply the top and bottom of the film on the screen. 4. Remove the screen protector covering that is marked 2. If any problem occurs during application, remove screen protector gently and repeat steps above Installation Guide:.

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