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EATON HVX060A2-4A1N1 Variable Frequency Drive, 60 HP, 380-500V


Variable Frequency Drive, Max. HP 60, NEMA 12 Enclosure, 480VAC Input Voltage, Max. Output Amps 87, 480VAC Output Voltage, Input Phase AC 3, Output Phase AC 3, No Bypass, No Line Contactor, Starting Torque 200 Percent, Torque @ 1 Hz 100 Percent, Input Frequency 50/60 Hz, Output Frequency Range 0 to 320 Hz, Adjustable Acceleration Time 0 to 3000 sec, Adjustable Deceleration Time 0 to 3000 sec, Dynamic Braking Optional, Height 24.8 In, Width 9.3 In, Depth 10.1 In, Keypad/Terminal/Network Features Enclosure: NEMA 12 Protection: Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Under voltage, Earth Fault, Input Phase Supervision, Motor Phase Supervision, Over temperature, Motor Overload, Motor Stall, Motor Under load Control Method: Frequency Control (V/f) Open Loop Sensor less Vector Control Start/Stop Control: Programmable Input Phase AC: 3 Output Phase AC: 3 Displays: LCD Keypad Item: Variable Frequency Drive Control Type: Keypad/Terminal/Network Digital Readout: Yes Dynamic Braking: Optional Key Pad Lockout: Yes Max. HP: 60 Max. Output Amps: 87 Accepts Input Control Signal: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA Depth: 10.1" Height: 24.8" Width: 9.3" Display Type: LCD Keypad Input Voltage: 480VAC Starting Torque: 200% Standards: UL, CSA, CE Output Voltage: 480VAC Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz Adjustable Acceleration Time: 0 to 3000 sec. Adjustable Deceleration Time: 0 to 3000 sec. Output Frequency Range: 0 to 320 Hz Torque @ 1 Hz: 100% With Bypass / No Bypass: No Bypass With Line Contactor / No Line Contactor: No Line Contactor

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