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Basin and Range Current Quick Dry Pant - Men's Khaki, S/30


When the biggest traffic jam you encounter during your morning commute is a heard of elk crossing the road and your closest neighbor is a salty old gopher that lives beneath your woodshed, then you know your living in the right spot. And since the mountain town lifestyle isn't impervious to rain or the occasional slip in the creek, it pays to wear a pair of quick-drying pants like Basin and Range's Current Quick Dry Men's Pants when you're out and about. Made from a stretchy, durable blend of nylon and spandex, the Currents are well-equipped to handle everything from afternoon hikes with the dogs to evening walks to the closest watering hole for drinks. The integrated webbing belt lets you make space for a hearty breakfast of black coffee and bacon and eggs, or room for one more pint of pale ale before you hoof it back up to your mountain town abode.

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